Photos courtesy of EGPD

On July 17, the Elk Grove police were alerted about an incident where a stray kitten ran in and out of traffic near the corner of Laguna and West Stockton boulevards. The four-legged jaywalker then climbed into the engine compartment (pictured left) of a Toyota that stopped at a red light, the police reported.

Elk Grove Animal Services officers and service technicians later rescued the cat they named, “Avalon” at the Elk Grove Toyota service center. Police said that the mechanics had to remove a few engine parts in order to reach for the stowaway.

The cat that the rescuers named, “Avalon” was later taken to the city’s animal shelter and examined by a veterinarian. Koreena Walsh, an Elk Grove Animal Services volunteer, told the Citizen that the aspiring auto mechanic did not suffer injuries, other than a little lost fur.

“He is not sure how he feels about humans, understandably, so we’ll still be evaluating the best way to help him move forward and will happily provide an update on our social media channels when he’s ready for the next step,” she said.

The Elk Grove police on Facebook declared that the case had an, ahem, “purr-fect ending.”