The holidays are here, and being that Thanksgiving and Christmas mark the time of giving, five local gyms banded together to give to community members in need.

Local Burger had hosted a celebration for their clothes drive on Nov. 22 to benefit the Elk Grove Food Bank.

Charlie Zamora, who co-owns Warriorz in Elk Grove with his wife Micha, noted that the idea of this event was to create unity in this community. The goal was to show people that they wanted to get together for a good cause, raise money for the Elk Grove Food Bank and organize a clothing drive to help the local homeless.  

Aside from Warriorz, the other gyms that took part were The Grove Fitness, Crossfit 916, and Elk Grove Strength and Conditioning.

“Coming together with all of these gyms has been a really good opportunity for us to show our community that we can be leaders of our own individual things, but come together to make an impact on other people’s lives,” Zamora said.

Zamora noted that the gyms had taken part in something like this before. What separated this one from the previous event was that the previous event had competition involved. At this most recent event, rather than compete with each other, the gyms competed in how much they can make an effect in the city by giving.

For this specific event, Zamora had noted that he had spoken with Local Burger’s owner Cameron Lee, and said that he wanted to do something for the community. Also, because his birthday fell on that same weekend, he said that he didn’t like receiving presents, but for a specific reason.

“When you’re called to a life of service, it’s about giving to others,” Zamora said. “So my goal was to do something to give back and that’s how I want to celebrate my birthday.”

Micha Zamora, Charlie’s wife and the co-owner of Warriorz, had noted that in the past that they have done drives and fundraisers individually, but this was the first time that multiple gyms had united to help give back to the community.

Among the other gyms involved in this drive, Alexander James, owner of Crossfit 916, had said that Zamora came to him, among others, to take part in the benefit. James was for it and everyone involved collected a lot of clothes to donate to the food bank. However, it wouldn’t end there, as he noted that they all talked about taking part in a toy drive for the Christmas season. He said that they may work with Elk Grove Food Bank and other charities for the drive.

Ryan Webb, owner of The Grove Fitness, said that he had taken part in other fundraisers and other things to help the community. For example, he had taken part in helping clean up the Sacramento River, as well as help set up the Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival.

“This one was just an opportunity to help in a different way,” Webb said.