During his interview with the Citizen at this year’s Elk Grove Dickens Street Faire, Santa Claus made a bold request to temporarily change the name of the city to “Reindeer Grove” each year.

“This is my request to the mayor and the City Council: Let’s consider renaming Elk Grove “Reindeer Grove” for at least (the month of December),” he said. “You know, I’m even happy for one day, but if they give us more, that will be fine with me.”

Council Member Steve Detrick spoke favorably about the idea.

“I don’t know how you could refuse a request from Mr. and Mrs. Claus,” he said. “I think it would be something that would kind of set Elk Grove apart from everybody else of how we really want to go in from Thanksgiving into the Christmas holiday with this spirit.

“I think it would be kind of fun to do a resolution to change the (name on) this day, with the Dickens Faire and the opening of the holidays, to Reindeer Grove, once a year.”

Detrick added that he does not envision any legal issue to the temporary name change.

“I think it’s definitely something to bring forward, unless there is a legal reason not to, which I don’t believe there is,” he said. “It would just be more of a symbolic gesture than it would be a real gesture. But I think the symbolic gesture is definitely worth (pursuing), and I think the message it would send to the kids would be phenomenal.”

In the event that his request is fulfilled, Santa said that the entire council would be assured of receiving additional presents.

“Oh, they would get lots of presents,” he said.

While still in the requesting mood and pondering his ever-growing positive status and popularity in Elk Grove, Santa said, “And maybe they might give me a Key to the City.”

Mrs. Claus pondered whether the Citizen might also consider changing its name.

“I wonder if the Elk Grove Citizen might change their (name) to Reindeer Citizen at least for a day,” she said. “That’s something to think about.”

The Citizen staff has yet to make an official comment on that request.