Music students at the School of Rock’s Elk Grove location in Old Town

With about 400 students on its roster, the School of Rock music school in Elk Grove topped the charts of all domestic School of Rock franchises in the United States as the fastest growing.

School of Rock (SOR) is an international rock ‘n’ roll music instruction school that provides lessons and group rehearsals, and they offer opportunities for performing on a stage in front of audiences.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the School of Rock utilized the School of Rock Method App, an online tool for practicing music lessons at home that is available to only enrolled students.

Through the app, teachers can assign practices and the teacher can actually evaluate how the students are doing by looking at the recordings. Many master courses were conducted online including a drummer and guitarist from Slipknot.

 “They all just came in and talk to the kids about, you know their life as a musician, as an artist, and how they’re navigating the pandemic,” said Cecilia Kline, co-owner of the Sacramento area franchises.

Besides the Elk Grove location, Kline and her husband, Jason own Roseville and Carmichael locations with two more on the way in Sacramento’s Natomas area and another in Folsom.

With students ranging in ages from 4 to 70-plus, skill levels and musical interests vary with the most adults in the beginner stages.

We have a pretty large adult community here,” Kline said. “Some just want to come in and learn certain techniques, or some just want to play, and some want to come in here and play with others, like playing in the band.”

Their adult band has almost 20 students.

“We are teaching music by playing music,” Kline explained.

Rather than learning a typical pentatonic , for instance, students will learn it to an ACDC song, which she said makes the scales more fun to practice.

While the Elk Grove location opened in 2017, current and former students have continued to master their craft by performing at wineries, breweries, and outdoor events during the pandemic.

At the end of every four-month season, students perform in public.

“We normally have about 10 to 12 shows,” Kline said. “We always have a metal show; we always have an R&B show; we always have a punk show, a British pop-rock show, and a pop-rock show as well,”

This year’s jazz show is already booked.

“I mean, it’s full of students. It’s just amazing how many kids come to the School Rock who are interested in playing jazz,” Kline said. “, we play all kinds of music here, and there are so many options for kids they normally pick a show they like.

“I think that’s what is so great about our job here is, you know, not only keeping the music alive. We really influenced our kids to open up their music world to appreciate all kinds of music; all kinds of musicians, all kinds of play styles, you know, is fun,” she said.

For more information about the School of Rock, call (916) 500-ROCK (7625) or visit Their Elk Grove location is at 9045 Elk Grove Blvd. in Old Town.