The Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce celebrates the July 30 opening of Hoskins Geriatric Care Management.

In a country where 10,000 people a day are turning 65 years old, it’s no secret that the Baby Boomer generation is aging. An increasing number are planning for long-term care. So to meet the needs of this population, an Elk Grove mother-son duo celebrated the grand opening of Hoskins Geriatric Care Management (HGCM) on July 30.

Jesse Hoskins, who started the business with his mother, Rachael, said their business has been met with positivity and encouragement from the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, nonprofit agencies and the local population.

“There is no business like ours in Elk Grove, and we wanted to bring our services to this area. Elk Grove is very culturally diverse, and we are very excited to serve this community. While our services may focus on older adults, the whole family is affected when the elderly parent or grandparent needs help,” Hoskins said.

“Elk Grove also has an unusually high number of health care and social assistance agencies, and we wanted to be involved. They also have an excellent nonprofit senior center, multiple assisted living facilities and an amazing community.”

Every day, staff at HGCM receives calls from people asking how to help their families with long-term care services, and how to pay for it.

“Our experience has shown us that many consumers do not know the differences between skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care, board and care, hospice, and home health, or how to pay for these services,” Jesse Hoskins said.

Walking through the process of customer service, Hoskins said normally a client will reach out by phone. HGCM offers complimentary 30-minute consultation and a follow-up email. To get a better understanding of their clients’ needs, they start by asking how they can help and listen to what they have to say. Then they answer questions, explain their services and applicable fees, and offer resources.

For instance, if a client needs help finding a reputable assisted living facility, the company asks questions about the person’s needs, health, hobbies, location preferences, dietary needs, medications, and budget.

It then explains what is required to move into a facility, and answers questions regarding what benefits or other financial options there are to pay for the facility.

The company then tours the facility with the client and guides the client through the transition of moving.

“We will act as an advocate for our client from beginning to end,” said Hoskins.

HGCM’s business model is based on its staff’s education, knowledge of public need, and previous experience in the industry.

“We identified the growing needs of our community’s aging population and wanted to create a service based on those identified gaps,” Hoskins said.

For instance, he explained, “many people don’t realize that we offer a complimentary senior housing placement program with full service benefits. Most consumers go online to a large website, punch in their information and get a list of facilities in their area to call.

“What they may not know is that these online services send their information to facilities, which may lead to an overwhelming number of calls from facilities. These online services are not familiar with local facilities, almost never tour them, don’t do assessments, and don’t know the facility staff. So folks are making or answering calls without much information and flying blindly.”

Rachael Hoskins, a geriatric social worker and gerontologist, has been working with older adults in some capacity for the last 24 years.

Rachael has an associate’s degree in gerontology (the study of aging) and a bachelor’s in social work, and is currently pursing her master’s degree in social work at California State University (CSU), Sacramento.

She has worked as an activities director in a memory care facility, an on-site kitchen manager for Meals on Wheels, a general manager for a local in-home caregiving agency, and is currently a member of the Sacramento County Adult & Aging Commission.

She has also spent many years volunteering with Meals on Wheels, training facilities to do reminiscence therapy, bringing her German Shepherd to nursing homes to provide pet therapy, and helping homeless seniors.

Jesse is studying to be a gerontologist and professional fiduciary, and is finishing up his master’s degree at CSU Sacramento.

He volunteered with Meals on Wheels for many years, assisted with homeless outreach, and volunteered with low-income children in an after-school program.

To learn more, visit hoskinsgeriatriccaremanagement.com, call or text (916) 562-6465, or send an email to HoskinsGeriatricCareManagement@gmail.com, to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.