History keeps happening and it is hard to keep up with it all. I have stories about families waiting to be written up, and lots of information about events of the past. HHH will be filled with many of these in October and later.

Our Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival is here! Enjoy all the festivities in our great Elk Grove Regional Park all weekend. Check out the scarecrow contest near the Rhoads School and see who the winners are.

And it looks like our great Dickens Faire will be back with us in November!  I will keep readers informed about it.

School yearbooks – students and school staff – I wrote earlier of the importance of school yearbooks for finding history, but something is often missing. So here is a message for all who put the yearbooks together. Teachers and other staff are commonly referred to as Mr. Jones and Miss Smith. But what are usually missing are their first names, and that can be very confusing in trying to identify them. So, please use the full names, Mr. Alvin Smith and Mrs. Agnes Smith. Thank you!

Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation – It is time for students to be thinking about the scholarships that will be given out from all our wonderful donors. I will once again have five scholarships available, and each one will be for $1,000! The funds for theses scholarships are from purchases of History Happened Here books and the Pinkerton family.

 The Foundation had its regular meeting in September and all is on schedule for 2021.

I wrote earlier about the new scholarship in the name of Nguyen Dang Saari who left us recently. This is the latest about her scholarship from Bob Saari: “Alvin Vo, who graduated from Florin High School in 1993, wrote this for the GoFundMe site, which he set up for me to be the beneficiary.  I have sent about $4,500 to the fund.  Checks mailed directly to the scholarship fund have brought Saari’s fund to $22,000. Bob Saari received this message from a student:

“I was a student of Nguyen Dang Saari 32 years ago. She was an awesome teacher, a role model and a great person.  After graduating from Florin High School in 1993, I was very fortunate to be a part of her life and family. If you had the good fortune of meeting and working with her, you would have loved her like I did.

To honor Saari’s hard work and dedication, the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation will have a scholarship in her name: Nguyen Dang Saari Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to a Florin High School senior, who is an English language learner and is first generation college-bound. The first award will be at the end of the spring term in 2022.”

To keep the legacy of Nguyen’s love and devotion to students and their families, donations can be made through the ‘GoFundMe’ site or can be made by sending a check to the foundation, at https://www.gofundme.com/f/nguyen-dang-saari-memorial-scholarship or the mail checks directly to the Foundation.

Make checks payable to:  Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation

On the MEMO line, write Nguyen D Saari Memorial Scholarship.

Send to  Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation, P.O. Box 2021,  Elk Grove, CA 95759-2021.    

David Gordon is often in the news with information about Sacramento County Schools where he serves as the superintendent. He was with Elk Grove Unified School district as the superintendent from 1996 to 2004.

Here is more about the Miwok people. Frank Lucia was the principal of Elk Grove High School when he wrote this in 1996.

“With so many people settling into the Elk Grove region over the past 20 years and now calling it home, you must wonder – what was it like during the early days of settlement?  How did the first residents of the region, the Miwok Indians, interact with the new settlers?

“Compare what happened during those days with how the old timers of Elk Grove are adapting and interacting with today’s new settlers. This fascinating chapter will give you an interesting perspective of the Miwok People, a people whose culture and lifestyle was devastated by the mid-1800s.  

“As an educator and resident of Elk Grove for the past 27 years, I have had the pleasure of working with students of Miwok background.  They remain proud of their heritage and continue to strive to adapt to new challenges and situations.  

“As you read this chapter, try to compare and contrast the cultural and environmental changes that took place during the 1800s to what has transpired over the past 20 years in our region.”  

Read all about several local families in future HHH stories – Feickert, Strong, and also about Sophia and Lee Scherman.

Also read more from Louis Silveira who keeps track of everything that takes place here in Elk Grove. He is our Super History finder and saver and our Supergrad!

NOTE: We send our condolences and good thoughts to the family and friends of Barbara Jodry who was a long time teacher at Joseph Kerr Middle School.

We also send our condolences and good thoughts to the family and friends of Grace Hugo who was well known to many in Elk Grove.


History Happened Here, Book 1 – River, Oaks, Gold

History Happened Here, Book 2 – Fields, Farms, Schools

We the People, a Story of Internment in America

All book proceeds go for student scholarships, and I thank the many purchasers who have made possible the 82 scholarships with each one $1,000. More will be awarded each year.

To purchase books, make your check for books payable to Laguna Publishers and send to me at 9227 Lamprey Drive, Elk Grove, CA 95624.  Books are $20 apiece and California sales tax is included. Add $3 for shipping of one book; $5 for 2-3 books. Call me at (916) 685-0606 or email me at elizabethpink@gmail.com. I can send you an order form.