Art class

One of the works created for an EG Space 4 Art online class.

While teaching in person allows Jesebel Qiu to offer more styles of the art she teaches, she learned to lead online art classes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In doing so, Qiu, the owner of EG Space 4 Art, has allowed students to continue to learn what they love, or simply just have some fun, from their own home.

When its studio is open, EG Space 4 Art offers drawing, painting, crafting, and ceramics classes. With its online classes, the studio has switched to a more streamlined offering.

“We have changed to an online system since 2020,” Qiu said. “For online teaching, we just limit our style to step-by-step teaching, painting and drawing - we’re limited to this kind of form only. Before COVID we had birthday parties, in-person classes – now, we’re just limited to this type of style.”

Her students range from children as young as 6 years old to adults. The registration for classes is available on her website,

Along with limiting classes to just two styles of art, switching to online classes has resulted in less preparation in the studio in regards to materials.

Learning from home has also led to a more hands-on approach for students when it comes to materials, Qiu said.

“Tuition includes all these materials, but for at home painting, they have to purchase the materials themselves,” she said.

Classes are currently separated into three age groups.

“Our class is separated into 6-8 year olds, the kids are learning from drawing, painting, coloring, step-by-step,” in classes that are two hours or less, according to Qiu.

Classes for 6-8 year olds are weekly classes featuring one project. The second age group is for 9-11 year olds featuring weekly painting classes.

“Currently, we’re focusing on watercolor painting,” Qiu said. “Drawing is a part of it.”

The final class is for students ages 11 and up, and features advanced painting.

“That class is more serious; we’re still kind of limited to step-by-step painting,” Qiu said. “We kind of give them homework.”

As far as the number of people who have made the leap to online classes with Qiu, she said the total is about half of what she’d normally see in the studio.

EG Space 4 Art’s website said it’ll keep customers posted on plans to re-open the studio.

Among the matters that Qiu has learned about teaching students through a screen is for younger students. One student has required her to teach a painting that will not require a lengthy attention span.

“Sometimes a student won’t pay too much time on one painting,” Qiu said. “So I choose certain paintings they can finish in that class.”

One particular medium has become a highlight of her classes, she said.

“I’m focusing more on watercolor. In the studio it’s hard to do that with kids so in the studio, everybody does something different,” Qiu said. “Online, they’re really happy to learn the watercolor skills. They learn well in mixing colors and how to use the watercolors. This group of kids, they really love drawing and painting.”

EG Space 4 Art can be reached at (916) 209-0283 or at info@egspace4art.