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Bart and Joy Stevans

Elk Grove residents Bart and Joy Stevans recently opened Fitness Machine Technicians, a national brand that specializes in the maintenance and repair of exercise equipment. They serve commercial and residential clients, as well as corporate gyms, universities, hotels, apartment complexes, and private residences.

“Fitness is an important part of life, and we’re looking forward to offering a service that enables people to partake in a workout with peace of mind, knowing their equipment is running at its best,” Joy said. “It’s also a great opportunity for us to share our passion for customer service – we strive to treat everyone with respect,” added Bart.

Leading an active lifestyle is important to many Californians and they said that they felt called to offer a service that helps residents participate in activities that keep them healthy.

 “We want to help everyone live their best fit life,” they said in a joint statement.  “We also deeply value providing great customer service and wanted to find an outlet where we could give people an excellent experience -- the same we’d want for our parents or children. We communicate with our clients with respect and strive to service fitness machines in a timely manner, economically, and with everyone’s best interests in mind.”

They grew up in Northern California and met at Pepperdine University where they earned degrees in history and English.  After a 24-year career with Nordstrom where Bart worked his way up to regional manager, the Stevanses decided it was time to explore something new.

Bart partook in a few seminars that suggested owning his own business might be a step in the right direction. Meanwhile Joy homeschooled their five children and now that they’ve grown, they thought it would be exciting to start a new venture together.

“For many years, Bart went to work while I homeschooled our girls – our days were naturally separate. This new venture gives us the chance to work together and share the same projects and goals,” Joy said.

In Bart’s previous line of work, he provided support for a team of technicians and has a knowledge and understanding of how to manage a team.

“So, it was a natural fit for us to open a business that would require the same set of skills. Fitness Machine Technicians gives us the opportunity to do just that,” he said.

Every day, they’re presented with a new task and challenge and get to meet new people and service different types of machines.

“It’s always nice to be able to address an issue and figure out how to fix it, helping each client with their own unique set of needs. It also provides us the opportunity to keep learning, which energizes us both. We enjoy making new goals for ourselves, and are thrilled to offer a service that challenges us to be the best we can,” Bart said.

As a husband and wife team, each of them has their own specialties and strengths that they bring to the business.

As Joy said, “Having been married for 31 years and raising five daughters honestly have gotten so used to working together as a team, that our strengths naturally play off each other. Bart has a great understanding of how to run a business because he’s been in that world his whole life, and I am more of the communicator and organizer. I enjoy handling logistics and being the liaison between client and technician.”

The Stevanses have lived in Elk Grove for the past 19 years where they feel at home with their church and the small community feel that the city offers, while being close to Sacramento where they enjoy outings at a Sacramento Kings game and the Music Circus.

For more information, contact Bart and Joy Stevans at (916) 526-7072 or visit