Veterans Day Parade – Once again, Elk Grove had its great parade to celebrate our veterans, and we thank Sophia Scherman for all she does to organize the parade each year. We missed it last year because of the Paradise fire, and we were happy to have it with us again.

Supergrad Louis Silveira sent this message about the parade: “The Veterans Parade is always very patriotic and was abounding with vets of all types from all branches, and all appreciating the contributions to preserving this country. Flags were handed out and were waved by everyone. The parade included high school bands, many veteran organizations, car and motorcycle clubs, and many young groups. There were 75 entries heading to the Elk Grove Park from the old Mar-Val shopping center on Elk Grove-Florin Road. It was a beautiful thing.

“The EGHS Class of ’67 always gathers near the stage and we watch from where the parade starts. On stage, they sang the usual patriotic songs, had special introductions and recognitions, and then they read the names of all the Elk Grove veterans, deceased and alive. It is a long list and it took almost 20 minutes.

“Sometimes I wonder if there are those who really don’t understand the importance of this day. I wonder if many veterans really knew at the time they were serving how important their contributions were. I am not sure I did - I was just serving because I needed to. With age comes realization and maturity. I was naive to the dangers and I survived. Now, I am appreciative for the appreciation.

Our group has dwindled a bit, but we still gather for ourselves and our comrades. Bless you all and this country.”

Cosumnes River College – 50th celebration next year – I participated in an interview for a video that is being prepared on the history of CRC. Michele K. Steiner, an Elk Grove High School supergrad, class of 1988 is organizing plans for the celebration. She is director of donor relations at the college and this is what she tells us about what is taking place:

 “CRC is currently planning our 50th anniversary. A kickoff celebration will be held in September 2020. More information about the events and activities planned will be publicized after the first of the year.”

Michael Bittner, a Laguna Creek High School supergrad, 1997, interviewed me about what it was like here in Elk Grove in the 1960s when plans for the college took place. Michael has worked at CRC since 2004 and is the Educational Media Design Specialist. He also went to school at Ellen Feickert Elementary and Joseph Kerr Middle School.

Gloria Carneiro was also at the interview. She is a CRC student majoring in Film/Digital Cinema Production and works for the college Federal Work Study program as a Student Production Assistant. Stay tuned for more CRC history

District 56 – A Message from Supergrad Kirsti Cripe Rauser about the city’s District 56, or the civic center: “I read your HHH in story in the Citizen, and I totally agree that District 56 is certainly not impressive! I was thinking about another possibility. What about calling it the Elk Grove Citizens’ Civic Center?

The acronym would be EGC3 which rhymes and has a nice ring to it, and, it includes a number, which is different than simply a name. The relation to the Elk Grove Citizen newspaper is obvious and purposeful as it has been the paper of our region since 1909, and it would be a reference or nod to the paper and the Herburger family. The Elk Grove Citizen newspaper has served our community well all these years, as we hope our Civic Center will do in the future.”

So, Mayor Steve Ly and City Council members – what do you think? We can still change the name to something that is of historic value.  

Donations to the Elk Grove Historical Society – We thank Virginia Miyata, an Elk Grove High School supergrad for her recent donations of long ago Elk Grove High School yearbooks and other priceless documents to the society. Some go back as far as 1913.  They will all be carefully preserved by members of the society. Here is a reminder to others who find items of the past – do not throw them away. Let them be saved so that people of the future can learn from them. Thank you, Virginia.

Another award for Margaret Van Steyn Duarte - She was recently informed that her book, Between Will and Surrender, was chosen as the winner in the adult fiction category for the 2019 California Author Project. Congratulations to our award winning author. She is also an EG supergrad!

Dickens Street Faire in Old Town Elk Grove – Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means that Elk Grove’s annual Dickens Faire will once again be taking place in our wonderful Old Town. The event will take place on Saturday, Nov. 30, and Elk Grove Boulevard will be filled with action. Be sure it is on your calendar.

Stay tuned for what will be taking place on Dec. 7 – in Elk Grove and in Wilton.

Note: Read all about the family of Gil and Kay Albiani in the October issue of Ardent magazine. On the August issue, you will find the story of Barbara Morse Wackford.


History Happened Here, Book 1 – River, Oaks, Gold

History Happened Here, Book 2 – Fields, Farms, Schools

We the People, a Story of Internment in America

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