June 10, 1948

Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Mendoza have purchased the 80-acre farm known as the E.S. Miller place. Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza and son, Arthur, and daughter, Gloria, came to Elk Grove July 7, 1938, since when Mr. Mendoza, as manager of the property for Mrs. Vera T. Arnmen, has made improvements on the property and added equipment.

When taking the place as manager, Mendoza named it Rancho Grande.

The Elk Grove Young Men’s Club had its final meeting and program of this season with one of its outstanding social occasions at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Batey. An outdoor picnic supper was prepared by dinner chairman Jim Devine, Bob Batey, John Engle and Don Turner, relying upon Mesdames Jane Morse, Olga Batey and Jean Turner to give the final touches for a Ladies’ Night.

Recreation in the form of croquet and volleyball filled the need for those desiring physical exercise both before and after supper. The entertainment consisted of motion pictures, with two comedians, and a showing of 1947 World Series baseball games, with the latter supplied by A.G. Spalding and Company of Sacramento.

June 11, 1958

Incumbent G.F. (Fred) Mix Jr. edged out Edwin B. Polhemus by a margin of 300 votes over the entire Elk Grove-Galt Judicial District in primary elections held last week.

The Wilton Volunteer Fire Department held a meeting in the Wilton Town Hall to select a fire commissioner for appointment by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors.

Walter Dillard, outgoing trustee, was unanimously selected to be retained as fire commissioner for another three-year term.

Susan Sims received the “All School Award” at Elk Grove Union High School graduation exercises held last Thursday, June 5 in the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium.

Miss Sims was active in high school activities throughout her high school career. She has served on the student council as student body treasurer, as head yell leader and queen of the homecoming festivities.

June 12, 1968

Pop Warner Junior League Football headquarters announced the selection of 14-year-old Keith DeVore of Route 2, Elk Grove, of the Elk Grove Knights Junior Bantams of the Mother Lode Pop Warner Conference to the 1968 Pop Warner All-America Team of Little Scholars.

Those fabulous, time-saving, labor-saving devices known as computers are at it again. A breakdown by precincts of the June 4 primary election is not available as yet. However, the Sacramento County elections office reports that the returns should be complete by June 20, they hope.