July 14, 1949

Friday night, July 8th, Charlotte Tessen presided at her last meeting as president of Liberty Parlor No. 213.

After regular transaction of business, the officers-elect were installed by Deputy Grand President Eloise Wright and her officers from La Bandera Parlor No. 110, as follows:

Ramona Wanner, president; Sarah Riley, 1st vice; Lenore Johnston, 2nd vice; Violet Miles, 3rd vice; Beth Engs, marshall (sic); Rosalyn Mosher, organist; trustees Muriel Blodgett, Nell Christiansen.

Members of the Wilton Thursday Club were entertained by Emma Dillard at the home of Leatha Stout. Present were Nell Green, Marie Bufe, Betty Edwards, May Dixon, Grace Neeley, Donna Borba, Leatha Stout, Marylee Trelease, Ann Sherman, Etta Petersin, Bertha Jones, Essie Vanekan, Wilamina LeClair, Ruby Curtis, all of Wilton, and Mary Jane McGuirk of Elk Grove.

Mrs. Ben Schmidt won the electric freezer at the Elk Grove Drive-In Market last week.

July 15, 1959

Glen M. Beeman, assistant superintendent of the Elk Grove Unified School District, pointed out recently that a major enterprise of any school district is that of the cleaning, painting and renovating of the schools during the summer vacation period.

This year, the first for the newly unified district, finds this to be a very large undertaking as the new district now operates the 10 schools formerly administered by nine separate districts.

Much of the work is done by the custodial and maintenance forces, handicapped this year somewhat by the fact that several vacancies exist.

The Supervisors have given John Mahon the job of sprinkling the road from Elk Grove to the Grant Line Road. He commenced Monday and has a four-horse team.

Philip Courtney, who is staying with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P.B. Smith, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Courtney, in Sacramento.

July 16, 1969

Cash and pledges to the Elk Grove St. Joseph Parish building program came to $154,036 as leaders prepared for parish-wide solicitation in the $250,000 funds effort to build a new Catholic church, catechetical center and parish hall here.

Need for a new church to replace the 50-year-old building on Grove and Gage streets, Elk Grove, is seen in expansion of the arew (sic), to be spanned by two new freeways and to contain two housing cities, plus burgeoning industrial, commercial, hospital and educational development, the Rev. John P. McDonnell, pastor, stated.

Officials of the 3rd annual Holy Ghost Festival proclaimed their weekend festival a success, as an estimated 6,000 persons were fed Saturday evening and Sunday, during the day and throughout the evening.

On Saturday evening, the queens and princesses were crowned. Senior queen for the 1969-70 year is Alice Moniz. Her princesses are Helena Olivera and Mary Jane Souza.

The Happy Household Pet Cat Club will hold its first cat show for pets of members of the home of President A.C. Jones at 2 p.m. Saturday, July 19 at 8862 Sharkey Way, Elk Grove.