Sept. 11, 1909

W.E. Everson, the manager of the new winery of the Elk Grove Vineyard Association, T.W. Johnston, its president; G.W. Foulks, director; and Mr. Emerson’s (sic) son, Frank, were guests of the Lodi Cooperative Winery Monday on the occasion of the starting up of the machinery of that new enterprise, which proposes crushing 10,000 tons of this season’s grapes.

Judge J.W. Hughes of the juvenile court, asked the Board of Supervisors Tuesday to pass an ordinance establishing a 9:00 p.m. curfew in the towns of Folsom, Elk Grove, Galt and Oak Park. That ordinance is to be copied after that now enforced in Sacramento city.

Travel on the motor car between Sacramento and Stockton is getting so heavy that the Southern Pacific Company is considering making a change to a steam train. The motor car is loaded to its capacity every trip both ways, and sometimes there are more passengers than the car can handle with comfort.

Sept. 8, 1949

Bryan Miles, popular Elk Grove baseball official for many years, is going to this year’s World Series – with all expenses paid.

The trip, sponsored by Oak Park Athletic Club, will be made as adult companion to Don O’Connor, Jim Sady and Jim Frasinetti, chosen by the athletic club as “the year’s top, young baseball players.”

Willard Sperry, Ford automobile dealer for the Elk Grove area, will direct the drive for Community Chest funds in the Elk Grove community.

The Neighborhood Club will start off the fall series of meetings with a cookout to be held at the Mahon ranch on September 14, Wednesday, at 10 o’clock.

Sept. 10, 1969

Although the Elk Grove Jaycees womens’ (sic) softball team did not place in the top two winning categories in the Womens’ (sic) World Series in Chatanooga (sic), Tennessee, recently, they were complimented by the American Softball Association on their outstanding ability to play softball, especially since they were the only ones entered who were there for the first time.

California was noted for being the only state west of the Kansas state line, and as such, representing the entire western United States.

The team extends thanks to all Elk Grove and Sacramento citizens who supported them, making it possible for them to attend the World Series.

Seth Hoyt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoyt of Elk Grove, is one of 15 California Future Farmers of America and one of 450 in the whole United States who has been recommended to receive the organization’s highest degree, “American Farmer.”

The puzzle of the stray raccoons that have been visiting at the Ralph Esterly home on Parktree Way, Elk Grove, was solved Wednesday evening, August 27, when Wesley Watson, age 13, claimed his pets after reading the Elk Grove Citizen.

Mrs. Ellen Watson and her three sons, Douglas, 11; Wesley, 13, and Chuck, 17, moved to a farm on Elk Grove-Florin Road, near the Parkway Estates, recently, and the raccoons escaped.

Formerly, the Watsons lived on a large ranch on Elder Creek Road and it was here, in a blackberry bramble, that Wesley found five, half-starved, motherless baby raccoons.