County still far from counting all June ballots

Sacramento County’s elections staff has only counted 28 percent of the June 5 election’s ballots, as of June 12. They plan to announce their latest count on June 15, after the Citizen’s press time.

The California Voter’s Choice Act debuted in Sacramento County during this election. This new policy allowed voters to mail or drop off their ballots earlier in May. A glut of mail-in ballots reportedly caused a slowdown in the count process.

In the Sacramento County sheriff’s race, incumbent Scott Jones’s lead dipped to 52 percent while Milo Fitch went ahead of Donna Cox. Fitch had 22 percent of the vote, while Cox had 20 percent. Bret Daniels stayed at 5 percent.

The sheriff’s race could advance to a runoff election in November if Jones ultimately has less than 50 percent of the vote.