Local activist Lynn Wheat told the Citizen last week that she is contemplating a run for the Elk Grove City Council’s District 3 seat in the November 2020 election.

This district covers a large region that includes Laguna, Camden, and the Power Inn Road area.

Wheat spoke to the Citizen in response to her action at the Elk Grove City Council’s June 12 meeting, in which she held up a sign to the Council members that read: “Lynn Wheat, District 3, 2020.”

Wheat, who ran for mayor in 2012, stressed that her intention was not to announce that she is running for that Council seat.

“Read what the sign said: ‘Lynn Wheat, District 3, 2020,’” she said. “It didn’t say, ‘I’m running.’ It wasn’t a declaration. It’s basically saying I’m keeping all my options on the table.”

Wheat added that she has concerns regarding the Council’s spending priorities and the city’s “ongoing road maintenance deficit and growing traffic problems.”

Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick, who currently represents District 3, told the Citizen last week that he has not yet decided whether he will seek re-election.

“As of today, I am undecided,” he said. “I believe to never say never, because you never know what tomorrow brings.”

Detrick has served on the City Council since 2008.

The lone declared District 3 candidate for the 2020 election is Maureen Craft, who ran for the same Council seat in 2016.

Elk Grove’s other city elections for next year are mayor and the City Council’s District 1, which is represented by Darren Suen.