Dorothy Knight celebrated her 100th birthday on Aug. 8 with family and friends.

She began her life in Luton, Iowa when she was born to Thomas and Jennie Calhoon. At age 6, her mother, brother, and sister followed her father to California for new opportunities. They began their time here in Hercules where her father worked at the Hercules Powder Plant, and she attended Pinole Elementary School.

When Dorothy was in the third grade, her family temporarily returned to Luton where lived until she was in the 10th grade. They later moved to Sioux City, Iowa and she attended Central High School and played clarinet in the school band. After her graduation, Calhoons moved back to California in order to be close to the family of Dorothy’s mother. Dorothy attended Grant Union High School to meet young people and she earned a second high school degree.

Through some of her brother’s friends, she met her future husband, Loren Knight. She worked part-time for the unemployment office and lived in Carmichael after they married. They then welcomed their first daughter, Shirley. When Shirley was 2 months ago, World War II was declared. The Knights then moved to Richmond where Loren worked at the shipyard. Several years later, they returned to the Sacramento region and moved to a 40-acre ranch on Elder Creek Road where they milked cows.

In 1946, the family moved to a small ranch on Jackson Road and the parents welcomed their second daughter, Roberta. Their third child, Barbara was born the following year when they moved to Nicolas Street.

After living in several places over the years, the Knights settled in their forever home on Hedge Avenue. Dorothy worked at Sierra-Enterprise Grammar School and she was a member of a Baptist church in north Sacramento; however, she found the travel distance to be too great. At the time, she started holding service at her in-laws’ home. In 1946, the Knights were able to collect enough money to purchase the old Excelsior Grammar School for $500. There were 12 charter members at the time, and she is the only living member today. In 1948, they received a donated lot where they built a new church. Dorothy worked as a secretary, a treasurer, a Sunday school teacher, a pianist, and a chauffeur for many bible camps.

She has seen many changes throughout her life, and she has been blessed in many ways.