John Kempker

Suspect allegedly throws punches at officer

A 25-year-old man allegedly threw punches at an Elk Grove police officer who responded to a call about a fight outside a house on June 14. Authorities used a K9 unit to detain him and he was hospitalized before he was taken into custody.

John Kempker was arrested on battery, police resistance, and warrant charges.

This incident was reported around 9 a.m. at the 8900 block of Lake Grove Court in central Elk Grove.

Police spokesperson Jason Jimenez reported that officers were alerted to a call about Kempker engaging in a fight with a person at the scene. He said that the suspect knew the victim and said that Kempker’s assault was “unprovoked.”

Authorities said that the suspect choked and injured the victim during the altercation. Officers arrived at the scene and Kempker allegedly took a fighting stance and attempted to punch one of them. Jimenez said that the officer blocked the suspect’s punches and he continued to ignore police orders. After a K9 unit was involved, police arrested him and later transferred him to the Sacramento County Main Jail.

Kempker had a warrant for his arrest and he was wanted on identity theft and false information charges, according to jail records.