The Elk Grove Animal Services held their debut Oktoberfest-themed fundraiser party on Oct. 26.

This event came about when the city of Elk Grove approached Scott Scoville, the owner of event organizer Beers in Sac, who noted that they wanted to produce an event at the new animal shelter. He noted that they had wanted to an event like a “Dogtoberfest” and “it seemed like a good fit for the grand opening of the animal shelter.”

Beers in Sac previously helped organize the Elk Grove Brewfest that’s held every spring at the Old Town Plaza.

Visitors at the Dogtoberfest were treated to tours of the animal shelter, dog races, and fine German beers. Proceeds from the festival will benefit the shelter and local nonprofit, Friends of the Elk Grove Animal Shelter.

Scoville said that the festival featured German beers that are rarely served at local bars. Local breweries Dreaming Dog, and the animal shelter’s neighbor, Tilted Mash Brewing also served beers at the festival.

Several attendees brought out their dogs for this event, ranging from breeds such as German Shepherd to St. Bernard to even Newfoundland. The shelter was also open for attendees to check out what was inside. The city’s animal shelter officially opened on Oct. 12.  

Animal Services manager Sarah Humlie said that the Dogtoberfest party attracted people a lot of people who wouldn’t have come otherwise. With the shelter being open, the festival encouraged some people to remember to come back and maybe adopt a pet.

“We love it, it’s fun to have all these people out here having a good time with their dogs, enjoying the good weather, as well as good food and good drinks,” Humlie said.

At around 1 p.m., the small dog races had started. However, the first race didn’t start at the top of the hour as the dogs refused to go into their cages. When the first race started, only one dog went down the track, while some of the others either wanted to get back into their cages or play with the other dogs. The other dogs didn’t bring out their competitive spirits that day.

For Alexandria Escobar and Anthonee Garcia, a couple whom had their dog, Frankie join the first race, they felt it was a fun experience in spite of the dog’s lack of interest in the race. Escobar noted that Frankie was excited to be out there. Garcia felt that he did fine for his first time in this race.

Escobar felt that if something like this were to happen again, then they would train their dog more, as this was a “spur-of-the-moment kind-of-thing.”

“I think this is a really good event, it’s fun to get all the dogs and all dog-lovers together,” Escobar said.

In the third and final wiener-dog race, there were only three participants. They were Oscar, Bindi, and Michi. At the start, Bindi had the lead in the early-going, but it wasn’t long until Oscar caught up and took the lead and became the first Dogtoberfest racing champion.