exercise equipment

Adult exercise equipment at McConnell Park.

If you want to use exercise equipment, but would rather avoid a crowded gym full of loud music, sweaty shirts, shouted pep talks, and thumping dance music then consider a few local parks.

The Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) installed adult fitness equipment at over half a dozen parks across Elk Grove. They are metal apparatuses that are designed for simple exercises such as sit-ups, pushups, chin-ups, and stepping. Such equipment is open and free for anyone to use. Many pieces of equipment also display illustrated instructions.

Paul Mewton, the CSD’s chief of planning, design, and construction, said that the equipment offers a nice alternative to paying for gym membership.

“The only dependent is good weather,” he said. “We get a lot of good weather in Elk Grove…generally nine months out of the year. One of the reasons why it’s popular is that people can use them whenever they feel like it.”

The CSD introduced adult fitness equipment in 2007 at Morse Community Park where visitors could perform pull-ups and exercise their legs.

Mewton noted that the equipment in the CSD parks is not as adjustable as exercise equipment typically featured at gyms. However, he said they have been a hit.

“In every location, it’s very popular,” Mewton said. “We had to replace worn-out pieces over the years.”

He said that his favorite pieces of outdoor equipment are the steppers and the elliptical machines.

Mewton mentioned that adult fitness equipment is placed along walking trails at the parks.

“(Walkers or joggers) can get on a piece of equipment to work out and get back on the trail,” he said.

Here are Elk Grove parks that feature adult fitness equipment: Backer (10400 Stathos Drive), Buscher (4805 Matina Drive), Derr-Okamoto (9550 Mainline Drive), Jordan (8441 Jordan Ranch Road), Kunsting (10069 Wild Orchid Way), Machado Dairy (10394 Franklin High Road), McConnell (10081 Hampton Oak Drive), Morse (5540 Bellaterra Drive), Stephenson (5511 Dorcey Drive).